Construction of the Santa María dam could restart anytime


The president of Cobalpre said that there is interest in reaching agreements that will unlock the issue and resume the project.

Mazatlan, Sin. (March 2, 2020).- Optimism has returned to the Baluarte Presidio Committee, as there is interest from the parties involved to reach agreements that will unlock the issue of the Santa María dam; Ismael Díaz Murillo announced.

The president of Cobalpre, revealed that after resuming the dialogue with community members of the ejido, at a table with representatives of the State Government, they see goodwill on the part of the community members in reaching agreements and giving continuity to the project that began in 2015.

According to the Federation’s Expenditure budget for the year 2020, the Baluarte-Presidio hydraulic project, which covers the Picachos and Santa María dams, contemplates a total of 1,662 million pesos, plus 597 million pesos for the irrigation canals of The Picachos Dam.

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