Mazatlan’s Pesca Azteca celebrates Family Day with a day of beach cleaning.

  • Pesca Azteca, its collaborators and families carry out beach cleaning.
  • With the participation of more than 30 volunteers collected 408 cigarette butts 35 bottle caps and 25 straws among others

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, March 2, 2020.-

With the aim of promoting the union between the collaborators and the coexistence of their families, within the framework of the “Family Day” Pesca Azteca carried out a day of cleaning of different beaches, where with games and activities they raised a blue flag again for a cleaner Mazatlan.

The celebration of the Mazatlan Carnival left in its wake large quantities of garbage that can end up in the ocean, so, for Pesca Azteca it was essential to get down to work at Pinitos beach where there was a lot of microplastics and very small garbage.

Most plastics do not degrade, instead, they slowly fragment into smaller pieces until they become microplastics. When plastic reaches this stage, it becomes even more difficult to remove from the oceans. More than 40 volunteers participated in this cleaning day: 408 cigarette butts, 100 grams of PET plastic, 500 grams of aluminum, 200 grams of hazardous waste, 25 straws, 35 covers and 7 kg of garbage in general.

At the end of the activity, attendees expressed their joy for the opportunity to have healthy fun and spend time with their families and loved ones. This coexistence was carried out without single-use plastics, since one of the company’s commitments is the zero use of this type of materials.

This day of sharing with your loved ones is intended to raise awareness about the importance of the family nucleus, coupled with that of conserving the environment and preserving natural resources.

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