Mazatlan lifeguards perform multiple rescues in Playa Norte and Cerritos


Mazatlan Sinaloa.- Two multiple rescues successfully achieved the Aquatic Rescue Squadron of the Municipal Police, this Sunday afternoon.
In the first of them, three young men who were dragged by a sea current, including two minors, were rescued around 3:45 p.m., in front of the monument to the fisherman.

Resultado de imagen de salvavidas mazatlan

Once safe they said their name was Mario “N”, 25 years old from the State of Mexico, as well as Lesly “N” and Ailyn Guadalupe “N”, 14 years and 12 years respectively, who live in the Colinas del Colony Real, who only showed fatigue.

The other rescue was carried out at 4:50 p.m. on Sabalo-Cerritos Avenue, in the La Marina area.

One of the lifeguards noticed three people who asked for help offshore, which, supported by a jet sky, managed to put Norberto “N”, 39, on the mainland; Eliseo “N”, 35 years old; and Juan “N”, domiciled in the Sábalo Country subdivision.

Resultado de imagen de salvavidas mazatlan

In another fact, municipal lifeguards gave support to a swimmer who was injured, at the height of the Fisherman’s monument.

Resultado de imagen de salvavidas frente al monumento al pescador.

José Luis “N”, 46 years old and from Mexico City, was at sea when he was injured with a stone at the height of the instep of his left foot, so he received first aid in the same place , without requiring transfer to hospital.

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