Mazatlan street vendors provisional suspension expires Mayor to proceed in removing them


He pointed out that many did not respect the agreement and therefore will exercise his right as mayor

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the protection of street vendors, the Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres said he was entitled to exercise his powers once said provisional suspension expires. He noted that they are entitled to protect themselves, however, he is also entitled to act based on the Commerce Regulations.

“Many of them breached his word, as I come from the old testament, the word is worth more than the signature, most accepted and some were protected, it does not make me angry, they have every right to do it but I am also in all my right of exercising my powers and the regulation of commerce is very clear ”.

Street vendors were protected under the advice of attorney Rosario Torres and so far they cannot be relocated until the date of the Amparo ends.

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“It is part of political paternalism to seek votes, so they were protected and justice handed them over but it will expire soon, in a few days because we are using the trade regulations.”

“The regulation says that due to improvement in the area, we can move street vendors.”

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