Mazatlan will issue fines of up to 20 thousand pesos for animal abuse


There are reports of aggression against animals in the face of the proliferation of cats and dogs; In 2019 there were 607 reports, of every 6 complaints, 2 are due to animal abuse

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The proliferation of cats and dogs in the city is a problem that keeps animal care centers and rescue groups operating on their own saturated, in addition to increasing animal abuse, since 2 thousand complaints that receive the Directorate of Ecology and Environment , more than 30% are due to this reason.

The head of this municipal agency, Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, reported that work is already underway on a project to build the first permanent sterilization center and emergency and emergency veterinary care, which aims to reduce the high animal population in a period of five years.

She also commented that an initiative to modify the Animal Protection Regulation is under analysis, which includes greater penalties for offenders and against those who commit violence against cats and dogs, which could reach up to 20 thousand pesos.

The proposal is under review with the support of trainers, animal protection associations and the College of Veterinarians; This reform of the Regulation seeks to give owners more responsibility in the care and care of their pets, reduce serious crimes against animals, differentiate the accumulators of cats and dogs (who are not well of their faculties), inhibit the operation of “rescuers” who profit with animals and specify rules for those who have brave dogs.


The proposal of a Center for Animal Welfare and Control is one of the projects of the operational plan that the Directorate of Ecology and Environment will undertake this year, which is considered as a center of permanent sterilization and emergency care and veterinary emergency of dogs and cats

Lourdes Sanjuan says that the urban planning and finance commissions of the Cabildo commissions have already been asked to donate 891 square meters of land, located in the Prado Bonito subdivision, to build the first permanent sterilization center there.

These facilities will have everything necessary for its proper functioning and offer an efficient service, including a reception room, office, operating room, shelter areas for convalescent animals, a bathroom, cellar, and recreation area for animals to walk and they exercise during their safekeeping.

If a permanent sterilization center is completed, it is estimated that in 5 years there would be results in the decrease of the animal population.

She said that this Center of Welfare and Control will operate under complaints made by the same society and intervention of the authority, but it will not be a shelter for cats and dogs in the street.

We are talking about complaints where the health of the animal is compromised or cases of running over, it would not be a shelter, we would have these animals under shelter until they recover their health and, then yes, we would have to deliver them to a center, shelter or a group of environmentalists who They would like to take care of him.

Lourdes Sanjuan

She said that there is currently the registration of three groups or associations that operate on their own in Mazatlan: Friends of Animals, Animal Sanctuary and Animals Pro-adopts Mazatlan, with which they would be working.

The director of Ecology regretted that the complaints about animal abuse is increasing, since 2 thousand complaints filed before this municipal agency last year, 607 were for this problem, with a constant trend that for every 6 complaints, 2 are for mistreatment of dogs and cats.

In January of this year alone, reports of animal abuse increased from 22 to 26.32%.

Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, director of Ecology and Environment.

This forces us to think beyond what we have and according to the Animal Protection Regulation we are not required to have a shelter, our obligation is to respond to complaints and refer them to rescuers to a shelter that is certified, but those that operate in Mazatlan as Friends of the Animals are saturated and no longer fit there.

San Juan

At the same time, he added, it will work with a sterilization program that will be called “Feline Sabbath” and that consists of serving homes that are saturated with cats, since it has detected people who have up to 30 and 60 cats, and that because of the number of animals it is impossible for them to go to the mobile veterinary unit.

What is sought with all this is to decrease the proliferation of cats and dogs in the city, how many years it will take us, once the Permanent Sterilization Center operates, we estimate that in 5 years we will see results, that if this program It starts this year.

Lourdes Sanjuan

Currently, the Veterinary Mobile Unit sterilizes between 10 and 12 cats a day, and 3 or 4 dogs.


For Lourdes Sanjuan the origin of the street animals is the houses, because the owners are not responsible for the care of their pets and when they stop, they throw the puppies in vacant lots or streets alone, in addition to that many owners attack them until they put Your life is in danger.

Hence the importance of modifying the Animal Protection Regulation with more severe fines for those who neglect their cats and dogs, as well as severe penalties for those who commit serious crimes against animals.

The current penalties for animal abuse and neglect range from 1,300 to 2 thousand 172 pesos (15 and 25 UMAS, Unit of Measurement and Update), so it is proposed to increase infractions to 200 UMAS.

The proposal is already under analysis by the College of Veterinarians of Mazatlan, trainers and rescue groups, and in 15 days there will be a reform initiative, which will be submitted to the Cabildo for approval.

Among the adjustments that are intended to be made to the Regulation are: giving greater responsibility to pet owners, with higher fines; include how people who accumulate animals in their homes will be cared for; include safety measures for those who have brave animals and take them out for a walk, such as carrying a placate of a certain color as a badge; the attention given by the municipal government by obligation to animals, discarding farm animals, and leaving only cats and dogs will be specified.

Animal violence is always associated with family violence and poverty, they are constantly repeated, and the most violent are dogs, they are beaten and tied, it is sad, but we have no attention, so Ecology has to go Hand in hand with society.



607 complaints of animal abuse were registered during 2019 before the Municipal Ecology and Environment Directorate.

Of every 15 complaints that are filed with the Directorate of Ecology and Environment, 6 are of animal abuse, according to figures of this agency in the current year.

From 22 to 26.32% was the increase in complaints of animal abuse during the last year, in the municipality of Mazatlan.

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