Camarón-Sábalo Avenue paving works to begin next week


MAZATLÁN.- The rehabilitation work of Camarón-Sábalo Avenue, from Valentinos to Hotel Faro, will start on February 26, Ash Wednesday, as soon as the celebrations of the Mazatlan International Carnival end.

This was announced by Enrique González Güereña, who was hired as external supervisor of that and other works carried out by the State Government in Mazatlan, during a meeting convened by Coparmex in which details of the projects were announced.

In that area, he said, given the space that is available, works will be done to regenerate pavements, sidewalks and lighting, but no more lanes will be added.

“Remodeling works have taken place alerady at the Malecón, the Historic Center, currently at Rafael Buelna Avenue, and now it’s time to remodel Camarón-Sábalo,” González Güereña concluded.

The Mazatlan Post