Works in Mazatlan generate complaints from tourist


Airport taxi drivers last up to three hours on passenger transfers to the Golden Zone

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The remodeling works of Rafael Buelna Avenue and the works that are carried out in different parts of the city, generate complaints from tourists arriving in Mazatlan.

The director of Auto Transportation of Mazatlan Airport, Román Aguayo Hernández, said that the same passengers ask where they are taking them, because they have to take other routes to be able to leave them in the Golden Zone, and even for the time they last to reach your hotels

The work they are doing in the city does not help us at all, it seems that Mazatlan was bombed, everywhere the asphalt and concrete are being erected for a different reason, but the issue is that roads are being closed. 

Román Aguayo Hernández

Aguayo Hernández said that the closure of roads delays the time of transfer of users from the airport to the city and back, which is two hours, and with the saturation of vehicles on the alternate roads they last up to three hours.

The same user asks where they take it because the chauffeurs enter and have to enter colonies to get to the homes, but we try to give the best form and explanation of the situation, which is being remodeled Mazatlan

Román Aguayo Hernández

He added that they have also had complaints and disagreement of the Aeromexico crew for the setbacks in the transfers and the circulation through colonies, now that the spine that is Rafael Buelna Avenue is undergoing remodeling.

The transport leader said that they maintain close communication with the Traffic Command, a unit that sends them the notices of street closures, with the intention of minimizing the transfer times.

He clarified that it is not against the works that benefit the destination, however, they should be carried out with order, logistics, planning, to accelerate and shorten the delivery times of those projects.


– Remodeling of Rafael Buelna Avenue.

– Introduction of drainage pipe through different points of Emilio Barragán and Gabriel Leyva.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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