Mazatlan merchants of ‘Pino Suárez Mercado’ ask to let them work until after Carnival


They pointed out that these days are the strongest in the area on February 14 and the visit of tourists to the carnival festivities

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Waiting for the dialogue with the mayor were the sellers of the semi-fixed positions of the municipal market ‘Pino Suárez’ in Mazatlan, since after having met with the secretary of the City Council José de Jesús Flores Segura, they made a couple of requests to organize in what they find a new place of accommodation, said Arturo Castillo, leader of the merchants union.

Faced with this situation, the aforementioned official told the vendors that they would look for them later to finalize the agreement, since they had to wait for Benítez Torres to come up with the proposal of the protesters and try to mediate the situation.

“The agreement was, we asked you to allow us to work these days because, at least until Carnival until this happens and we are waiting for the answer even if they have not communicated anything at all right now, but that is in itself” 

n addition, the representative of the merchants, reiterated that they are open to dialogue, so they are waiting for the municipal authorities to respond promptly.

Also note Luis Alberto that in the morning demonstration, the Mayor of the City Council arrived at the scene and indicated that an alternative relocation could be to accommodate in other streets of the city center, but not placed Around the market

At least at noon this Thursday, the streets were still surrounded and taken by municipal police, they even began to paint the banks of the yellow sidewalks.

Merchants of Pine Suarez Fear Eviction by Force

Merchants from around the “José María Pino Suárez” market are dissatisfied by the decision of the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, to remove them from the first square of the city after some are over 50 and up to 60 years old in those streets. There are no proposals or a relocation project by the City Council, Arturo Castillo, of the leadership of these workers, said at a press conference, recognizing that there is fear of an eventual eviction by force.

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At a press conference, from the offices of the Union of Fixed and Semi-Fixed Workers, on Constitution Street, Castillo, accompanied by several merchants, said they have sought a meeting with the mayor and has refused to face them. They have seen the Senior Officer, Javier Lira, and the Deputy Director of Commerce, Vinicio Parra, but have not reached any specific agreement, especially not to lose their places of work.

Castillo affirms that there is respect for what the mayor has said to relocate them, but they have not been told where and who; “There is no comprehensive project; they talk about social justice and they don’t want to harm us, but there is no clarity in the proposals. ”

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At the press conference, the same merchants said they were worried and afraid of what might happen when Mayor Benítez Torres said to remove himself from the Pino Suárez market. Yesterday Monday the energetic munícipe said they have until “Wednesday of this week to withdraw from the first square of the city.”

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New Mercado

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