Mazatlan will once again host the ‘City Nature Challenge’


Mazatlan.- For the second time, Mazatlan will host the “City Nature Challenge 2019, an international friendly competition of naturalistic observations, whose main objective is to know the biodiversity in our municipality and share it with the world.

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At a press conference, Anna Ivette Carbajal, from the Directorate of Special Affairs of Sectur Sinaloa, after inviting citizens to participate in this challenge, announced that it will take place from April 24 to 27, and allows people to know the species of flora and fauna that exist in the region.

In this regard, the Ministry of Tourism has highlighted the importance of supporting and promoting these programs that allow Sinaloa and Mazatlan to be positioned in the ecotourism, biodiversity and sustainability segment of our tourist destination, and the entire state.

For his part, Francisco Farriols Sarabia, responsible for the “Paco’s Reserve of Flora and Fauna” area, said that in 2019 this challenge was achieved, achieving at the national level, before 202 cities, the first three places in the competing categories, in this case: more species, number of observations and number of observers, and internationally, competing against 202 cities, it was possible to overcome sites such as New York, Chicago, Washington, London and many more, “and if we want to more support from the Mazatlan citizen, we will surely improve our position. ”

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In turn, Diego Barrales, administrator of the “Paco’s Reserve of Flora and Fauna”, in charge of organizing this event in the city, explained that it is a friendly competition, in which the challenge is to go out to the streets of our municipality and photograph all the nature that surrounds us, this includes: plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, share them with the world and in this way publicize what we have in Mazatlan.

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Last year around 500 Mazatlecos took part, 28 thousand observations were uploaded which translate into about 60 to 70 thousand photographs and now they want to reach a thousand participants.

Everyone who wants to participate can participate; all that is required is to have love for our municipality and for nature, to have a cell phone or a camera (of any kind) and to attend the workshops that will be organized, all at no cost.

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For more information, you can check on the NaturaLista platform

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