Mazatlan Mayor Benítez Torres Seeks the Candidacy for Governor of Sinaloa


When copying the old PRI school when a distinguished militant candidate for a position of popular election said: “Only my party or the national leader asked me to,” the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres said this morning that only if “asked the President (of the Republic)”, would seek the candidacy for the government of Sinaloa in the elections next year.

The munícipe in the last week in different public events and without any questions from the reporters involved has talked about political aspirations and when journalists question him if he would look for the senate seat or the governorship, then he seems to retreat and affirm

“I am a soldier of this Movement, I have never gone free; I always wait for the times and that is why I do not express my wishes, but what is certain is that if the President asked me to, of course I would accept ”, including the candidacy for governorship.

You also spoke of your wife as a possible candidate, you were questioned and said that they would talk and make the decision of who would be the candidate for a position of popular election.

Resultado de imagen de Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres

At the insistence of reporters, Benítez Torres accepted that his wife has not expressed interest in a public office, although he said textually: “I recognize the work he does, the charisma he has and I know that in any position he could have very good results” .

Including the mayor’s office? A diarist insisted.

-“No, it is not convenient”.

You would sacrifice yourself to be your wife, it was another question.

– “Of course, I would gladly do it.”

Then, in other questions he questioned the leader of the local PAN to lie about his government, as well as the Citizen Observatory group and said that he will ask for a public apology and not doing so will go through criminal proceedings.

On a CEAIP document that states that there are more than 130 recommendations for different instances that have not complied with transparency and the Mazatlan government is in second place and Jumpam in third, the mayor

Benítez Torres said he doesn’t know that data, but that his administration has 95 percent transparency.

On the issue of “bridges”, he added that the President of the Republic does not seek to withdraw them but calls for respect for the historical dates that give us identity as Mexicans, but that if “the bridges” are responsible for no civic culture You have to remove them.

Finally, on the raffle of presidential plane tickets, he said that in Mazatlan he will draw some numbers. He said that plane should never have been bought.

Has Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres been a good Mayor for Mazatlan?

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