Bus drivers hold protest in the streets of Mazatlan


Mazatlan.- A considerable amount of urban bus drivers decided to make a temporary stoppage of approximately one and a half hours, demanding solutions to their demands.

The demonstration was made before the problem they have with the Bus Alliance in terms of payments and profits, in addition to the dismissal of a driver, which they considered was done unfairly and without notice.

The affected commented that he was stopped by the way to express his disagreements.

In the place the drivers met, who expressed the disagreement that exists in their work.

Also present were some owners of urban buses.

Moments later, he presented himself to the delegate of Roads and Transportation, Rubén Vallejo, to try to be a mediator in the problem and invited a delegation to try to solve the problem of the dismissed driver, as well as the manifestations of the drivers.

Source: pmxportal

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