Merida Yucatan real estate market is “overpriced”, says engineer


Today Merida is sold everywhere at prices outside the market and many pay it because they think it is the panacea, that the problem of the world has already been solved and this is not the case, Mérida is overpriced,” said Alfonso González Fernández, former president from the World College of Civil Engineers.

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Interviewed about whether it is profitable to invest in the real estate sector, he said that it has always been good to do it in matters of heritage, more in real estate matters, because they do not ask for food to grow and their surplus-value increases overtime … there comes the delicate thing.

“You buy land in the jungle, you start to put infrastructure, you don’t contribute a peso and what you bought at a peso already costs 10, and it didn’t cost you,” he explained.

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The engineer said that many, instead of putting their money in the bank, speculate, buy land so that tomorrow with the surplus value they can sell it as it happens now that Merida is selling at prices outside the market, he said.

He also explained that this case occurs for several reasons: the main one is safety, the tranquility that is enjoyed and the first-world comforts that are available, since it can be achieved from the most insignificant to the most expensive vehicle, and people can use it without problems.

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Fortunately, he said, those levels of well-being to which we are accustomed and distinguish us are maintained, unlike other places in the country where they can no longer even change cars because it is exhibited, becoming vulnerable to extortion and kidnapping.

“That does not happen here thanks to the security that we ourselves procure by being well organized in colonies, subdivisions, such as that provided by the Police and the assistance that citizens have with them (the agents).”

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Is living in Merida more expensive? 

“Better wages must be promoted because they continue to have lower salaries than in other parts of Mexico, so those who come, but much cheaper than those who are accustomed, because here you live better with less,” he said.

In spite of all these positive characteristics, the interviewee said that the distribution is unequal since the services are not the same in all parts of the city or in comparison with the interior of the state.

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As an example, he said that welfare levels are not the same in a northern colony as in the deep south, between one municipality and another.

“Mérida is not growing evenly, prices are increasing more in one area than in another and this has consequences such as insecurity, which is very likely to start impacting us in relation to what we are accustomed to,” he said.

González Fernández explained that the level of growth in the state is not the same; While it is true that people from abroad who are farmers and buy land in livestock areas of the state such as Tizimín, Panabá, Cansahcab, and Espita, there are foreigners who were farmers and are fleeing from other states.

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“The development has not been distributed, the growth rate is not generalized, it remains only in places like Mérida, Valladolid, and Tizimín, and the growth above the national average is only in Mérida,” he said.

“It should be taken care that those who come looking for tranquility, the satisfiers that are here and distinguish us from the Yucatecans above others, try to blend in with that and do not come to practice what ran them from their places of origin,” opined.— Luis Iván Alpuche Escalante

What should the authorities do?

“Education and culture are not only to invest in material infrastructure but to try to promote what we have always been the Yucatecans: people who distinguish our high education, high cultural level, with all these things, theater, music, cultural activities in parks and public spaces, that helps people have additional occupations. ”

“As people move away from time to do misdeeds, we will continue to provide those satisfiers,” he said.

“We are growing and we need to have workshops, suppliers, turners, there has to be everything in a city, but we have to see where you can and where not, and there the authority has to intervene,” he said.

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An example?

“The old houses that had fabulous trees, foreigners arrive, buy, remove all the trees and build a pool … It looks nice, but then we are losing trees, propose planting them on the sidewalks and begin to harm the pedestrian.”

“Then there is the issue of bars, they play music and the people who live there start to complain, but the people who got there knew where they were going to live, that’s why land use, zoning, and enforcement of such are important, ”said the engineer.

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The Merida Center

The former president of the World College of Civil Engineers was asked about the Center.

City sector

On whether that area should remain intact or allow changes, Alfonso González said: “The vernacular, beautiful, cultural Mérida must be preserved and enhanced taking care that urban regulations are complied with.”

The new, far from the old

As an example, he said that if you go to Venice you will not find a building taller than the historical ones, the same in Rome: the new ones, the skyscrapers are outside, and the same must happen here. There are certain land uses that are conditioned on how they should work, he said.

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