The work of Theo Jansen comes to Mazatlan!


This exhibition in Playa Bonita is just an example of the wonders that the Museo del Centro de Ciencias de Sinaloa will feature.

This will be a free admission exhibition displayed at Mazatlan’s Playa Bonita. Photo │ Secretaria de Turismo.

Mazatlan, Sin. On Friday Jan. 17th, the beaches of Mazatlan will witness the movement of mechanical creatures that are able to walk using the force of the wind, created by the Dutch physicist and kinetic artist Theo Jansen.

This fabulous show of creatures that seem real, with a life of their own, will be totally free in Playa Bonita next to the Pueblo Bonito hotel starting at 3:00 p.m.

Theo Jansen is a Dutch physicist who has become a kinetic artist and sculptor; In the 80s he began to create algorithmic simulation programs of artificial life, with machines that can work autonomously, gathering together his three passions: art, philosophy and science.

This show takes us beyond the boundaries between engineering and art (that only exist in our minds), and the exhibition aims at explaining Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution with PET tubes and plastics.

Theo Janssen in Mazatlan (Photo: Courtesy)

In this case, locomotion, stability and control systems are created using small plastic tubes, joined by adhesive tape, thus creating a system of parts that move through the wind.

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