Mazatlan’s Mercado de Las Flores, more abandoned than ever


Tenants of Mazatlan’s Mercado de Las Flores talked about the history of this building that dates from the beginning of the 20th century, and whose initial project was the construction of a hotel, which operated for a while, and then the 60’s, it became the Central Bus Terminal Station of the city.

For years it was abandoned and 27 year ago, in 1993, the building was remodeled to be the seat of the Mazatianguis, whose project was intended to relocate the “changueras” of Aquiles Serdán Street. However, these refused to be relocated, and that was how the space was offered to the merchants of Plaza Zaragoza, which were mostly flower vendors.

Don José Benjamín Mendoza is one of the vendors that were relocated in 1993 to Las Flores Market, and he says that all administrations have promised to remodel the building, but it remains the same.

Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, said that the market will be divided into three sections: one for selling flowers, another for fresh seafood (destined for “changueras”) and the central part, for handicrafts and food & beverage stands.

32 stores are currently operating in the Mercado de Las Flores, 19 of them border the street.

The Mazatlan Post