Try a Campechana Mazatlan Style!


The Campechana is a combination of seafood that includes octopus, snail, shrimp, clam all swimming in a broth with rich flavor.

If you have asked for it somewhere else, the way to serve in Mazatlan may surprise you a bit, since in Mazatlan it is served with hot broth.

La campechana en Mazatlán

Warning: If you order a campechana in a seafood cart or in a restaurant in Mazatlan and you do not clarify anything they will serve it hot.

The campechana as we already mentioned can have oysters, clam callus, shrimp, octopus, tomato, onion, salt, pepper, lemon and it is filled with hot shrimp broth.

The hot broth of the Campechana may sound weird and more because in the Mazatleco summer you get to feel temperatures of up to 35 degrees Celsius.

The following video of Foodturista explains about the campechana and the aguachile

In Mazatlan the preparation of the campechana does not include ketchup as it is usual in other places, but we recommend that if you want to try the authentic Mazatleca recipe, try the campechana at least once.

Recently at Mariscos Rentería in the center of Mazatlan, at the crossroads of Carnaval Street and Ángel Flores, they were telling us that they prepare the Campechana in different sytles, no matter if you come from Guadalajara, Chihuahua, Torreón or Culiacán, if you explain them how to prepare it, they will do so as you are used in your homeland.

Here, they have no problem preparing it, this is a small detail of the great service that this cart offers since all the specialties are prepared at the moment.

Where to eat a campechana?


In all seafood restaurants and in most Mazatlan street food carts they sell campechanas, look for one of these near you delight yourself with the seafood restaurants in Mazatlan.

In Mazatlan, the cocktail is cold and the Campechana is hot, in case you see that these 2 things are found on the menu, pay attention, if you like it with ketchup, ask for it separately because they won’t add it.

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