Woman killed in “El Corazón” in Mazatlan

The victim was accompanied by another person who was without injuries

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Around 3:30 am on Saturday, gunshot detonations were reported to C4 in the viewpoint of the seawall known as “El Corazón”, so that after a few minutes the death of a woman was confirmed, who was accompanied by another person who fortunately left the violent act alive.

According to the information provided unofficially, the aforementioned was being chased by two motorcycles, which caused it to be stamped against the boulder of the Malecon in the aforementioned area and was shot there.

Of the other person with whom he was aboard a gray sedan-type car, no data was provided, only that he was a man who is approximately 50 years old and who was intact of what happened, there is no information on the name of the female nor of her age range. The place was attended by tourist police, municipal police, elements of the Prosecutor’s Office, of Uneprevif, as well as the funeral home in turn and a crane to protect the area, to open an investigation folder and remove who was killed.

Source: linea directa

The Mazatlan Post