There will be a Dog Park, a space for your pets in the Sister Cities Park in Mazatlan


The initiative is merely citizen and requires between 30 and 60 thousand pesos

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Lizeth Núñez and Verónica Rico began with the initiative of the creation of “Villa Canina” a pet park within the Cities Cities Park and between 30 and 60 thousand pesos are required.

Both women say that the central idea of ​​the project was based on seeing how some people go for a walk to their dogs and left them tied in a post which represented irrigation, before that they chose to organize and invite more walkers to shape the work.

Nunez said they are doing a series of fundraising activities, in this way they have a cat trainer who helps people with the education of their animals and a fee is obtained, also with Christmas photoshoots of the animals, calendar 2020, dedicated to dogs obtained everything to the coffers of the planning.

10 01 dog park

“There are two stages of the park, from the simplest; First the installation of the perimeter, for that we already have some amount collected but not all of what we need, if there are people who want to participate, there is still the sale of a calendar in 250 pesos. ”

They mentioned that they have not yet defined how the regulation will be, however they plan on holding events with the objective of continuing to acquire money to allocate a person for the attention of the recreation center.

They pointed out that the place will have two areas for large breeds and the other for the smaller ones, as for the aggressive dogs that are not accustomed to socializing the coach will contribute to that issue.

“The idea is that everyone can come with their dogs, to have a good time,” said the organizers.

To date they have raised 30 thousand pesos, so they still lack the same, however they are optimistic and hope that there will be progress during the next months, they put a phone number for those who like to join the initiative (33 1720 1670) with Lizeth Nunez

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