Mazatlan neighbors and merchants take Rafael Buelna Avenue


MAZATLÁN.- With the requirement to enable one of the lanes, the merchants that are located along Rafael Buelna Avenue, who said they were affected by the modernization work that began yesterday, took that avenue to ask the authorities for a better strategy that minimizes the inconvenience and prevents their business from going “to the bottom” or bankruptcy, as they say happened in other works, such as the remodeling of Del Mar Avenue and the Historic Center.

Today in the morning, Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres urged citizens to be patient and collaborate to speed up these works, but these merchants were grouped at the La Marina and Buelna avenues crossing, further sharpening the problem.

Protesters say they were never taken into account and wish to be heard because they were never notified despite the fact that this work was announced long in advance.

They said they have no longer allowed suppliers of gas and other services, and that this has “hit” them in their businesses, so they request that one of the lanes be enabled so that their businesses do not suffer from shortages and consequently lose customers and product.

The group of citizens demanded the presence of the Mayor, while making a human barrier to prevent the passage of motorists.

The site was attended by David González Torrentera, secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Municipal Fisheries, but after talking with him and not reaching an agreement, they requested the presence of a representative of the State Government.

Source: pmxportal

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