Despite cold, Pulmonias records high demand during the holidays


The ride has a cost of 300 pesos per hour and it runs through El Malecón, El Cerro del Vigía, El Mercado Pino Suárez, Catedral, among other points, according to the user’s preference

Mazatlan, Sinaloa . – In these winter vacations the pneumonia are the most demanded by the high influx of tourists.

Antonio, driver of one of these units, told Informative Reaction that during these days there is up to three times more work than a normal day.

30 12 Pulmoneros

He commented that those who usually use these transports are the national tourists since there is not as much presence of foreigners as in other years.

“Thank God it’s very crowded right now Mazatlan (…) gringos there is almost no, it was for there already, because the gringos usually come here since October, but there are few,” he said.

The carrier explained that currently, the ride has a cost of 300 pesos per hour, which gives a tour to the user’s taste, which can cover from El Malecón, El Cerro del Vigía, El Faro, Catedral, El Mercado Pino Suárez, El Clavadista, El Aquuario, among other points.

30 12 Pulmoneros

Despite the drop in temperature that occurs at night, the clientele does not stop using these vehicles, and there are even times when at night it is when the lungs “do better”.

However, Antonio is aware that this “boom” is transitory because once the “high season” ends, the flow of passengers decreases to such an extent that sometimes the workers at the wheel are not able to cover the expenses of operation.

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Source: reaccion informativa

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