Calafia Airlines the most insecure airline to travel in Mexico, with more than 10 incidents in a year.


After the terrible plane crash on December 24 where two people lost their lives aboard an aircraft of the company Calafia Airlines, this airline has been listed as one of the most unsafe to travel.

In 2018 alone, this company accumulated 5 incidents in different airports, even in the middle of the flight they had to return to a nearby airport as parts of the aircraft detached from the plane which caused passengers to panic

In 2019 there were also several mishaps that forced the company to issue several communications in which it denied the rumors by ensuring that they were only small details that were being repairer and evaluator by certified personnel.

Just a few weeks after the previous accident, another 2 incidents were reported in the municipality of Los Cabos; in the first one, passengers on a flight bound for Guadalajara had to be evacuated twice; the other occurred when passengers destined for Ciudad Obregón waited for their flight for more than 10 hours.

Meanwhile, in August, there was the evacuation of a Calafia Airlines plane at Loreto Airport; This is because a fire source originated inside the unit.

At the moment most families begin to cancel flights already booked with this company for fear that another misfortune may happen during the flight they are planning to take with this company.


The Mazatlan Post