They are looking for an investor to produce eco-bags in Sinaloa

Corn biomass production in the state is 6 million tons, and is the main factor to start producing products that replace plastics

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Sinaloa is ready to leave plastics and ban their use by 2020, so the state has the potential to create biodegradable alternative items through corn biomass, said the Secretary of Sustainable Development from the State Government, Carlos Gandarilla García.

“We have a very large biomass in Sinaloa, 6 million tons of biomass are generated every year, which, 4 million are from corn, and instead of burning the leaf as it is unfortunately practiced in some regions after harvest Well, you can take advantage of this product and it can be transformed into bags or other utensils that come to replace plastics, “said the secretary.

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Gandarilla García commented that talks have already been held with the Ministry of Economy of the State, as well as with the Council for Economic Development of Sinaloa, as they are looking for an investor who takes advantage of the Sinaloense natural product, and to create alternatives to the use of plastic, as They are waiting for the Local Congress to approve the disposal of plastic.

“We have talked with the Ministry of Economy, with the Codesin inclusive, where we believe that local or national investments can be sought; we do believe that there is great potential, and with the arrival of natural gas, as a complement to these industries, we it seems that we can take advantage of it very well, and we have talked about it so that we can explore these types of options and take advantage of the biomass we have, “he said.

The head of Sedesu explained that, in addition to corn, there is also the avocado bone and mango bone that occurs in southern Sinaloa.

He added that while there is no distributor of biodegradable products in the state, all businesses must seek alternatives for transportation of goods or services, because once the Waste Law in Sinaloa has been modified, companies can be awarded a fine of up to 90 thousand pesos to continue with the use of plastics.

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