Michael Dergar, a Mazatlan artist, stands out in the United States for his art and altruistic work



Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- His passion to help and to carry the message of social inclusion has motivated Mazatlan Michael Dergar, has crossed all barriers to fulfill his dreams and that of young people with disabilities.

Michael is a young impressionist artist from Mazatlan, Sinaloa, who lived in a popular neighborhood known as Jesús García, located on the train tracks, near the well-known industrial coffee plant, and there he spent his childhood with his father, a private security guard and his housewife mother.

At some point in his life, he suffered a neuronal disease that prevented him from having movements in his legs and thus remained for several years. He studied elementary and secondary school, took rehabilitation and managed to walk and study high school, but had in his mind travel and demonstrate his talent to the world.

He studied college graduating as a marine biologist at the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa and had another relapse that led him to take rehabilitation in the United States. With the passage of time, Michael Dergar began a movement to support young people with different types of disabilities and with the support of some donations he founded The Academy of Special Dreams Foundation and currently they have awarded 250 artists.

Photo: Michael supporting young people with disabilities.

The painter originally from the Pearl of the Pacific studied art in an empirical way and later in the United States perfected a technique that made him capture emblematic paintings with themes ranging from beauty to the benefits of marine nature, all life in its splendor. “I paint to help”, that is his motto, since the works of art he exhibits in the galleries and that generates some sale help to raise funds and continue supporting new talents to create feelings through painting and this He would miss his dreams.

He has already exhibited in several galleries in the United States, Mexico, and Europe and is called by health and self-improvement institutions to give lectures where he exposes his life and work and, thus, encourage children to surpass themselves and meet their goals.

His collections are Beauty, Lighting, Colors, and Textures, Organic and Vivid, which have been successful.

The 40-year-old artist says that submission in life is not over, as he wishes to continue helping and for that reason he will continue to look for children with motor or intellectual disabilities who wish to paint. It states that art must not be elitist, it has no religion or economic condition, no nationality or skin color, because art unites. He confesses that at some point he suffered discrimination because of his social and physical condition, however, this instead of discouraging him and falling into a depression, on the contrary, motivated him to demonstrate that he could do things well as any other “normal” person.

He ends by mentioning that he hopes one day he exhibits in his land because he maintains a good relationship with the Sinaloa authorities and recognizes all the talent in the world of music and art.

PHOTO: Michael Dergar, plastic artist, originally from the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, posing for photography.

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