Snow arrives in Sinaloa


Temperatures in the area dropped to 11 degrees and snow, sleet and frost are expected to continue

Sinaloa.- Just a few days before the start winter in the country, Sinaloa has already begun to paint its landscapes white with snowfall in areas such as Surutato, Badiraguato.

Resultado de imagen para Surutato

This Tuesday the area woke up dressed in a thin layer of snow that frames the cold that the area has felt in recent days.

Today for example, the thermometer dropped from 11 degrees in the region and maximum winds at 20 kilometers per hour.

It is expected that the conditions of frost, as well as snowfall or snow water in the area persist since the crudest of the cold is just beginning, in fact, tomorrow December 18 temperatures are anticipated below 10 degrees.

Resultado de imagen para Surutato