They will perform cleaning in 15 km of coastline and 11.6 km of mangroves in the Bay of La Paz


The work will be carried out over 2 weeks in Ensenada de La Paz, covering different mangrove areas

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). From December 4 to 17, a cleaning campaign will be implemented on the coast and seabed of Ensenada de La Paz, which covers 15 kilometers of coastline and a mangrove area of ​​11.6 kilometers, said the Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (Setues), Luis Humberto Araiza López.

The work includes areas of El ConchalitoEl ManglitoEl Mogote, and El Zacatal, which will have an investment of 180,000 pesos in materials and fuel, with the support of the Association of Hotel and Tourism Companies (Emprhotur) and the Federal Maritime Zone Terrestrial (Zofemat). 

The Bay of La Paz is considered the largest coastal ecosystem in the western portion of the Gulf of California, with great marine biodiversity, which is of high value for coastal and sport fishing, as well as being a tourist attraction for its beauty. 

“We are working government and civil society to improve the environmental quality of our Ensenada de La Paz, which unfortunately has been contaminated with the trash that dragged past rains and the same waste that people throw,” he said. 

For his part, the official called on citizens to take care of natural wealth, because “their resources benefit everyone, so it is everyone’s obligation to protect them”; He also recognized the Organization of Fishermen Rescuing the Ensenada (OPRE ). 

“The natural heritage of Baja California Sur, is a source of economic and social development for families, which is everyone’s duty to care for and defend it,” he said. 

Source: bcsnoticias

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