In Mazatlan, there is no cases of dengue says the ministry of health


MAZATLÁN.- In the data that the municipal authority has, there is no record of any case of dengue, said Alfonso Sandoval Sánchez, director of Municipal Medical Services and the Municipal Hospital «Margarita Maza de Juárez».

Only suspicious cases have been reported, but none of them has been positive, he said.

“There is no case, we had a suspicion of a boy who came to us from Flores Magón, who was admitted half a day there. He was tested to see if he was a carrier of dengue virus and was negative. ”

The municipal official said that perhaps the Ministry of Health has seen some cases, which so far are still questioned because to talk about dengue you must have the scientific certainty that it is a confirmatory test.

On the climate conducive to the proliferation of the dengue transmitter fly, Sandoval said that “it is always during rains, flooding. At the moment with the rain that was necessary, it is necessary to be careful, that is, to keep the patio clean, the pots must be thrown away, because they are of no use. If there are containers, buckets, and bottles, you have to put them upside down. ”

After the recommendation for families to keep their yards, grounds or roofs clean, the director of the “Hospitalito de la Juárez” added that the mosquito has mutated to withstand the cold weather, and therefore care and precautions must be taken in the homes

“We must have mosquito nets at home, not expose themselves without need in places where there are many mosquitoes, humidity or lakes. There must be prevention before anything else, because nobody takes care of your health until the disease arrives, and that is when we value health. ”

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