Of 160 cadets in Sinaloa, only two women completed the training


Culiacán, Sinaloa (Informational Reaction) .- The National Military Service, in addition to being a requirement in men of legal age, today is an optional constitutional mandate for women in Mexico.

Within the ceremony of delivery of records that took place today in the ninth military zone of Culiacán, of 160 elements only two were women.

07 12 SMN

Reyna Vianey González, one of the graduates, said she had gained great knowledge in the military order where the greatest satisfaction is to be able to serve the nation through vocation.

“It is not easy to be part of this institution, since it requires vocation, there is no more work to contribute to the Mexican population, especially with children that is the future of the nation,” he said during his speech.

The training of these young people lasted 45 Saturday sessions and the call to the new SMN body is open.

Source: reaccion informativa

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