Women who speak more live longer, scientific study reveals


The scientific study suggests that women who talk a lot have a higher life expectancy

Surely you have heard that saying of “he who is parakeet wherever he is green” or the stories of people who speak so much that it seems they do “even with their elbows.”

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However, it is unlikely that you have heard the good news that we are going to give you today, and it seems that women who speak more live longer  according to several investigations

For example, the Spanish psychiatrist Luis Rojas Marcos points out in his book  We are what we speak that people who speak more than 15 thousand words in a day are those who live longer.

But we go further … It turns out that scientists from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of the University of Yeshiva back in the United States found that an outgoing, talkative, optimistic and tolerant person has a better quality of life and therefore more longevity.

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A study that was conducted among 250 people from 95 to 100 years of age, found by analyzing the personality of the participants, those with the so-called “longevity gene” love to talk.

In addition, returning to what was pointed out by Rojas Marcos in his book, the most talkative people have more satisfactions and are healthier, and therefore live longer.

Interestingly, women are the ones who develop the ability to speak the most due to the high levels of the FOXP2 protein, known as the “language protein.”

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And of course, the reality is that it is nothing new to say that girls love to talk

In fact, it is known that men take about  7 thousand words a day, while they get to use more than 20 thousand … That’s why they never shut up, although that’s perfectly fine.

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And well, that’s what science has found about the relationship of women with speech, so if you’re one of those who no longer don’t shut up, congratulations! Surely you exceed 100 years.

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Depending on what you speak, how old are you?

a) The net I am very quiet, the same and at 80 and bye.

b) With what I speak for sure I reach 200 years.

c) Well, not much, not much, just what is necessary, but sometimes I think that if I talk a lot of people can get fed up and not cool, but I also think I have to express myself because if I wouldn’t explore or something. Total that I think I speak little, but the same and I talk a lot. Chance and I arrive at 30 or 130, you never know why God’s times are perfect. Blessings.

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