The beings that came from heaven and created the Maya

The Mayans talk to us about the creators but describe them as thinkers, as beings that come from heaven and experience on several occasions to create humanity but how much has legend and how much of a reality we do not know?

For a millennium, humanity has wondered about its origin and destiny, its mission on earth and the meaning of its existence in every aspect and not finding the answer, it began to create legends from the daily occurrence.

With the passage of time, the gods began to emerge, in the image and likeness of man, as an unattainable example of the virtues and perfection to which societies aspire, but the answer has never come, the creator or creators are unknown and The only clues that exist are found in ancient texts, mythologies, and legends.

Popol Vuh

An example is the Popol-Vuh (council book), the Mayan sacred book, which tells us about the creation of our world, animals, humanity and its first years of existence, but also about the creators and obstacles they had to get around to achieve the perfect work.

According to the Maya at the beginning there was no time, only the water that surrounded the planet in complete calm under the sky:

“The face of the earth had not appeared. Only the sea was calm and the sky in all its extension.

There was nothing together, that made noise, or anything that moved, stirred, or made noise in the sky.

There was nothing standing; Only the water at rest, the calm sea, alone and calm. There was nothing endowed with existence.”

But where was God or the gods at that time?

The Maya report that it was a group of creators they refer to as “the parents” and that they are also “wise and great thinkers in their nature” and this is where the doubt about the origin and objective of these thinkers begins.

“There was only immobility and silence in the darkness, at night. Only the Creator, the formator, Tepeu, Gucumatz, the Progenitors, were in the water surrounded by clarity. They were hidden under green and blue feathers, that’s why they are called Gucumatz. Of great sages, of great thinkers is their nature. In this way there was heaven and also the Heart of Heaven, which is the name of God. “

That is, the parents gathered in our still infertile world, surrounded by clarity and under feathers, which is surely a reference to another type of clothing, because the birds had not yet been created, but above them, in the sky, was the heart of it, the great creator.

But who is this main creator?

“Then the word came here, Tepeu and Gucumatz came together, in the dark, at night, and spoke to each other Tepeu and Gucumatz. They spoke, then, consulting each other and meditating; they agreed, joined their word and their thoughts.

Then the clarity was manifested, while they were meditating, that when it dawned, the man should appear. Then they arranged the creation and growth of trees and vines and the birth of life and the creation of man. It was thus arranged in darkness and at night by the Heart of Heaven, which is called Hurricane. “

The Popol-Vuh tells us that the heart of heaven is called “Hurricane” (One leg / lame) and is divided into three distinct entities:

-Calcuhá Hurricane (Lame lightning / leg ray)

-Chipi-Calcuhá (Small ray)

-Raxa-Calcuhá (sudden lightning)

Popol Vuh

This being is the one who entrusts Tepeu and Gucumatz with the creation of life in our world and the existence of an intelligent race to complete the task:

“There will be no glory or greatness in our creation and formation until there is the human creature, the formed man …”

The Maya also tell us about elemental and magical beings that were created for the protection of forests, mountains and rivers:

“Then they made the small animals of the mountain, the guardians of all the forests, the geniuses of the mountain …”

The creators hoped that these animals and guardians would worship them but it was impossible because they had been denied intellectual capacity, so they created new beings with intelligence:

“But they couldn’t understand their language among themselves, nothing they could get and nothing they could do. For this reason their meat was immolated and they were condemned to be eaten and killed by the animals that exist on the face of the earth. ”

But the creators did not give up and bet on a new attempt, so they took mud, (like the Christian god) and formed man:

“But they saw that it was not right, because it was falling apart, it was soft, it had no movement, it did not have strength, it fell, it was watery, it did not move its head, its face was going to one side, its eyes were veiled, it could not look back At first he spoke, but he had no understanding. It quickly got wet inside the water and could not hold.

Then they thwarted and undid his work and his creation … “

Why men created with earth are something special right?

The task of Tepeu and Gucumatz could not be completed, so they tried again, but this time they consulted other creators, because they were both members of an even larger group:

“Let’s say to Ixpiyacoc, Ixmucané, Hunahpú-Vuch, Hunahpú-Utiú: Try your luck again! Try to make the creation! Thus the Creator and the Formator said to each other to Ixpiyacoc and Ixmucané ”

The advice was to create humanity once again, but with wood and everything seemed to indicate that the work was perfect, however:

“They no longer remembered the Heart of Heaven and that’s why they fell out of favor. It was just a rehearsal, an attempt to make men.

They talked at first, but his face was thin; his feet and hands had no consistency; they had no blood, no substance, no moisture, no sanity …

Then the stick figures were destroyed, destroyed and undone, and they were killed.

A flood was produced by the Heart of Heaven; a great flood formed, which fell on the heads of the stick figures ”

Popol Vuh

And then came the last attempt, which is us, that we were created from corn:

“His flesh was made of yellow corn and white corn; The man’s arms and legs were made of corn dough. Only corn dough entered the flesh of our parents … ”

And even the parents endowed this new humanity with exceptional intelligence that allowed them to decipher the meaning of the world and creation:

“They were gifted with intelligence; they saw and to the point their sight was extended, they got to see, they got to know everything in the world. When they looked, they instantly saw around them and looked around them at the vault of heaven and the round face of the earth.

Hidden things saw them all, without first having to move; immediately they saw the world and also from the place where they were they saw it. ”

The popol-vuh tells us that this humanity got to know everything without leaving any doubt about anything and it was precisely this that bothered the creators, who did not consider virtuous intelligence without limits, after all they were the parents and we were their creation, so they had to limit our intelligence:

“We restrain their desires a little, because what we see is not right. Why should they be equal to us, their authors, that we can cover great distances, that we know and see everything?

Then the Heart of Heaven cast a mist over their eyes, which fogged up like when it is blown over the moon of a mirror.

Their eyes veiled and they could only see what was near, only this was clear to them… ”

Interesting do not you think? The Mayans tell us about creators who are not perfect or boast of perfection, but experience, create, fail and re-create until they find the right formula, which became so perfect that they felt fear of being displaced.

Now, this is a legend such as the Bible and all the mythologies of the world about the creation of man, which tries to explain how we came to inhabit this world and the Maya try to tell us that it was not a god, but two commissioned thinkers for the same to create us and that in their multiple failures they came to create the ideal being, but, the fact of limiting our intelligence sounds suspicious, especially when at present some claim that the human being is only able to use 10% of The total capacity of your brain.

Coincidences? Or maybe the Mayans talk about scientists who placed us on this planet to study us?


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