Repairs to schools damaged by heavy rains in Mazatlan


There were 21 properties that resulted in damages in Mazatlan

The number of campuses that were affected by the heavy rains that occurred last Thursday in Mazatlan, increased to 21 buildings, mostly flooded.

The head of the Regional Education Services, María Kenya Camarena Aguilar, said that after the bad weather, the schools were immediately attended by the staff of the administration.

María Kenya Camarena Aguilar, head of the Regional Education Services. José Luis Rodríguez

He said that from Friday and even until last weekend, educational institutions were cleaned so that they were in optimal condition, to continue with the remainder of the classes this year.

Of the total of the schools affected by the rains, 19 presented floods, mainly in the classrooms, one more resulted in the fall of the rush and light meter, and one last the demolition of the perimeter fence.

He said that only an educational campus in the rural area, which is located in the town of Puerta de Canoas, was damaged during the “aguacerazo” last Thursday, whose rainfall began to be felt from three in the morning.

The rest of the affected schools, which were 20, he said, are located on the periphery of the municipality, which only recorded the entry of water to its facilities.

Most of the educational schools that are in the municipality and that were “invaded” by rainfall, he said, are found in low areas or near bodies of water such as the Jabalines stream.

Camarena Aguilar, indicated that after resuming classes on Monday of this week, the head of the Regional Education Services under her charge did not present school absenteeism derived from past rains.


21 schools were affected in Mazatlan with the recent rains.

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