Mexican Navy rescues two tourists kayakers in Mazatlan


Mexican Navy personnel achieved the rescue with helicopter of two young people from Mexico City, on Isla de Pájaros, in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  Two tourists were rescued by elements of the Mexican Navy Secretariat by Isla de Pajaros, located in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

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The events were recorded on Monday of this week by elements attached to the Fourth Naval Zone, who supported the two male persons, originating in Mexico City.

This action was carried out after receiving an emergency call reporting two missing persons, who went kayaking activities in the vicinity of the Three Islands in the port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa; Therefore, a Defender vessel belonging to the Naval Search, Rescue and Maritime Surveillance Station of Mazatlan sailed, to go to the place reported in order to safeguard human life at sea.

Upon arriving in the area, the staff carried out a maneuver in order to deploy two surface rescue swimmers to approach Bird Island, and assist two people who were dragged by the high waves while doing kayaking activities, one of which She was injured up the hill, where they climbed for help.

Being an area of ​​difficult access, the Naval Command ordered the deployment of an MI-17 helicopter with rescue swimmers on board and specialized equipment, in order to carry out the medical evacuation of said person.

Both rescued men, 30 years old, from Mexico City, moved to the facilities of the Fourth Naval Zone where they were attended by Naval Health and Red Cross personnel, being stable, and then transferred to A hospital in this city.

The foregoing in the framework of the Maritime Search and Rescue Operations of the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico.

With these actions, the Secretary of the Navy – Navy of Mexico, as the National Maritime Authority, acting as a Coast Guard, reaffirms its commitment to citizenship, to safeguard human life at sea.

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