Mazatlan celebrates the second edition of ‘My Inclusive Aquarium’


Mazatlan.- In the commitment to bring social programs to the society that most require it, this morning Mazatlan Aquarium celebrated the second edition of “My Inclusive Aquarium”.

Around 30 students of the Non-School Baccalaureate for Students with Disabilities, a subsidiary of Cecati 132, lived a phenomenal day on the marine grounds.

Josefina Tirado, the science advisor, thanked them for taking them into account for this program and explained that it will be of great help to improve the safety and self-esteem of the beneficiaries.

“It really is very important for them to feel part of all these programs and that they include them is quite enriching, so they have more security, better self-esteem,” he said.

BNEED is a support for people with visual, auditory, intellectual and motor disabilities, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Public Education so that each of their students discovers the best ways to complete their baccalaureate.

It has been implemented for approximately 12 years, and in Cecati it has been in existence for seven years.

Source: pmxportal

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