European country declares itself a fan of tacos and they celebrate it every Friday


Mexico, that country full of colors, smells and above all, of flavors that change the lives of those who try them and make a smile.

What happens to tourists visiting Mexico and the food becomes their greatest loss as the case of the Norwegians, who are so fond of tacos that they already dedicate a day to eat them.

It was the Norwegian embassy in Mexico, who, through a message on social networks, said that thanks to Mexico, Norwegians are going to celebrate their taco with their family every Friday.

Thanks, Mexico! Today in Norway, families get together to do #VIENTOdeTaco or in Norwegian: #TACOfredag ​​In our country, 44% of Norwegians eat them at least once a week !! We are very fans, the message reads.

All this movement arose after a vote was taken on the Norwegian radio on what the national dish should be in 2014, the taco was surprisingly in the 4th place, just behind the fårikål, the meatballs in brown sauce and lapskaus ( Lobscouse stew).

The Norwegian Embassy notes on its information website, that for thousands of Norwegians, Mexican street food has become such an essential part of the weekend ritual that “Tacos Friday” is an established concept.

Thanks to the influence that this Mexican food has had on Europeans, in recent years, there has been a boom in restaurants that focus on authentic Mexican cuisine in the gastronomic scene of Oslo.

From this, the Norwegians are enjoying one of the dishes that most represent Mexicans. Advantage!


The Mazatlan Post