Mazatlan’s airport and port of entry shut down due to bad weather


The Mazatlan International Airport has been closed down to operations due to bad weather.

The Port was also suspended for the navigation of smaller vessels due to high tide and strong waves.

Mazatlan, Sin. – The Mazatlan International Airport “Rafael Buelna” was temporarily closed down due to the heavy rains recorded since the early hours of Thursday Nov. 28, caused by cold front number 18.

The leader of Atamsa, Roman Aguayo Hernández, confirmed that air operations were suspended due to heavy rains.

He said that since Wednesday afternoon passengers on flights to Tijuana had to stay in Mazatlan, since heavy rains are also registered in that city.

“Since yesterday some planes stayed here and today there has been no flight since the rains affect the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the port was also closed to the navigation of smaller vessels since waves of up to three meters have been registered lately.

The Mazatlan Post