The military supports Mazatlan police and rescuers to save flood victims


MAZATLAN Sinaloa.- Elements of the Mexican armed forces, such as the Army and Navy and the National Guard, apply the DN-III-E Plan, to support the population, due to the contingency resulting from heavy rains this Friday, started at dawn, and that at noon did not stop.

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They also removed trash and other objects that were obstructing the water canals and outlets.

Thus, they joined Civil Protection, National Guard, municipal police, firefighters and paramedics of Mazatlan, to support the people affected by the heavy rain this Thursday, started around 3:00 a.m., and 8 hours later it did not stop.

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In the Jabalines stream, on a pedestrian bridge, a “small” sample of the large amount of garbage that is carried by the water in addition to the weeds could be seen.

In the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood, it could again be seen that this area is like a “bag” for water; It is a problem of many years.

The military and sailors provided support using their vehicles and inflatable boats.

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