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* Two shelters were enabled
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After the heavy rains recorded today in the morning, caused by the 2nd winter storm in combination with the cold front # 19 Mazatlan was underwater.

The main colonies and areas of the city were affected by rainfall that reached 97 mm. Among the flooded colonies are: Colonia Anáhuac, Jesús García, Francisco I. Madero, López Mateos, Colonia Centro, Jacarandas, El Toreó, Allende and November 20.

Civil Protection enabled two shelters, Lions Club and Sixto Osuna in Villa Unión.

For its part, the Port Captaincy reported the closure of the ports to minor navigation in the ports of Topolobampo, Altata, and Mazatlan.

Federico Rivas Valdez, secretary of public security urged the population to take extreme precautions and avoid leaving home and driving by car through affected colonies.

“If possible do not leave your home in your vehicles, we are under the effects of the winter storm and the cold front because they will be stranded on flood avenues, stay in their homes and alerts for civil protection releases”, he pointed.
Meanwhile, in Mazatlan, there is a chance of precipitation in the evening, light to moderate rains until 11 pm.

Rains will continue in Mazatlan

Following the precipitation, the port has a minimum temperature of 21 and a maximum of 30 degrees

The rainfall in Mazatlan will continue for Friday, but not with the same intensity on Thursday said the head of the Meteorological Service of Mazatlan, Hugo Nordahl .

Until noon on Thursday, he said, the collection of water had a cumulative volume of 193 millimeters, an amount that occurred since 3 in the morning.

The climatic conditions that currently occur in the port, he said, have to do with the second winter storm of the season along with the cold front number 19.

To both meteorological phenomena, he said, a jet stream joins with a strong thrust of moisture from the Pacific Ocean.

As abnormal, he described the large amount of water that has been felt in the municipality, which has caused flooding mainly in settlements that are located in low areas.

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