Mazatlan Aquatic Rescue Squadron reminds swimmers that its Stingray season


The presence of these augmented species when changing the temperature of the water to lower temperatures

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The commander of the Aquatic Rescue Squadron of the Ministry of Public Security, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, calls on the general public to be careful when entering the sea in this stingray season to avoid being pricked by a marine animal of these.

“You have to be very careful when entering the sea since these types of marine animals do not attack, you just have to move your feet by oscillating since the movement of the feet causes them to scare away and oscillate through the sand part so that when they perceive the stingray movement is going to withdraw, it does not attack but it is the instinct that moves its tail and there it has a thorn in its tail and that is when it pricks us and it is very painful, ”González Romero said.

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The presence of these goes from El Monumento Al Pescador to Playa Brujas. If they get to have contact by a stingray bite it is necessary to cause some bleeding and clean with clean water or in a compress put some vinegar and place it on the wound and prevent the wound from becoming contaminated and go to hospital care.

Last season there was an average of January to February from 15 to 20 attentions and at Isla de La Piedra they occurred at least 5 per week.

These marine animals are located on the entire shore of the beach since they feed on the organic matter that the same tide brings to that area, and there they camouflage themselves in the same sand, they are small animals.

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It is necessary to be on the lookout with the indicated signaling that it is a yellow flag with an image of a stingray and with the signage that says Mantarraya Caution.

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