Video: Taqueros by nature…Mmmm the taste of tacos!


From carnitas, casseroles, roast meat, shrimp, fish, marlin or dorado, thousands come to enjoy the exquisite food worthy of the most demanding palates

Guasave, Sinaloa.- You in the mood for a taco? Whatever the varieties, they were available even for the most demanding palates.

In an unprecedented event in the municipality of Guasave were connoisseurs of gastronomy have described it as the capital of taco, this Friday the festival was held in honor of this Mexican food because in the region they are “taqueros” by nature.

The decision was difficult, we had to try every one, at least those allowed by the stomach. One of carnitas, steamed pork, browned, roasted, cracked with cream, shrimp, fish, canister or marlin?

“They are good, roasted, they were called tacos, they are very rich.”

A lot of variety in Guasave?

“A lot, they are very rich.”

“I don’t know (what it is), I asked for it and I’m eating it, delicious, very good, here is the center of the taco for the world, really.”

“They are carnitas, with Rochín, of the best, a lot of variety,” said the diners.

Long lines began to form from an early hour, when the smell of smoke coming out of the grills began to disperse, that’s why the roast shelves or the shepherd were the most demanded, erroneously some of the diners exhausted their three options of ticket, it was necessary that for more, it was only enough that they uncover the trays with the sarandeado fish, the octopus to the chimichurri or the weathered shrimp to dare to ask for more.

The tortillas made by hand in a full tasting led to the sin of gluttony and where you turned the craving led to indecision, a marlin quesadilla with overflowing chihuahua or the exquisite macarole of roasted sirlón and flank steak.

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