Rock Festival in Mazatlan was a great success with Genitallica


In the XXII edition of this Genitallica event as a star group and invited bands, they put the Mazatlecos to dance

Mazatlan.-  The Mazatleco public responded favorably by attending the Rock Festival last Thursday at the Sister Cities Park, where groups of this musical genre offered an extraordinary concert.

From five in the afternoon, the event started with Haiku, a young band from Escuinapa, composed of talented musicians looking for a new way in the music industry.

On stage, they also paraded groups such as Maldito bipolar, Calavera, Demondeath and Serbia, who provided their best to please the public.

At 20:20 hours it was Serbia’s turn, a group originally from Monterrey, who first visited the Port.

The young musicians were very well received by the attendees and were also grateful for the invitation to the festival and for the opportunity to meet Mazatlan and taste their delicious seafood. Among the topics that Serbia offered were Perfect, 120 excuses and Ghosts, the latter is the most recent single they are promoting.

In this XXII edition, the Rock Festival was adorned with the participation of Genitallica as a star group, who took the stage at 9:00 p.m. with 40 minutes. Between applause and screams, the Mexican rock band was received, after two years of not coming to Mazatlan. With anyone, it was the first song that I interpret the group that began in early November 1998.

Soon came songs like I have a love and Nothing is the same, this song was recorded here in Mazatlan.

The group that has toured countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica, among others, undoubtedly managed to turn on all attendees with a musical tour since its inception, if I put aside songs like Drunk and I have no friends, being these topics the most requested and chanted by all.

The group that has also shared the stage with bands like Café Tacuba, Control machete, and Inspector and that has also made collaborations with Paquita la del Barrio and Banda el Recodo, also performed the song Everyone took, a song that claimed to be a hymn that identifies and which is included in your disk Spades or talks.

After an hour of music, Genitallica finally remembered a bit of the themes of its beginnings when interpreting Imagina, a song that expresses things as real as if the infinite excesses that are lived day by day.

With this theme, the public was considered well served, but not satisfied since they wanted to continue listening to the group.

Genitallica prepares celebrations for its 20 years

Prior to the concert, Genitallica attended the media to express his gratitude for the invitation to the Rock Festival, as well as to talk about the celebrations for his 20 years in music.

The musicians shared that it is always a pleasure to come to Mazatlan to sing to the public, for whom they feel a great chemistry, also because it was here that they recorded their third record material.

They also congratulated all the new groups that increasingly join these events.

The musicians announced that they are about to celebrate their 20 years in music, with the release of their new single and album.  

This material will consist of 20 songs, fifteen of them are unpublished and the rest will be songs from previous albums. They also assured that many surprises come with guests. Without specifying names, they announced that there is a collaboration with a very important social media character from Nuevo León.

20 extraordinary years

When questioned as they have been these 20 years of career, Genitallica said that they have been extraordinary since the affection of the people is what keeps them in this environment, in which they have also managed to fulfill dreams when making collaborations with artists that for them were unreachable as Paquita the one in Barrio Banda el Recodo and Cristian Castro. Genitallica also assured that this 2019 was a year with a lot of work and they hope that the next one will be the same.

Source: el debate

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