Cruise ships visit to Mazatlan help venders survive the winter season


MAZATLÁN.- With the days of the bridge and the visits of tourists arriving in Mazatlan on the cruise ships, sales have been very good for merchants stationed in the tourist zone of the federal zone, said Jorge Luis Ríos Rubio, secretary of the Union of Vendors in the Federal Zone.

He said that cruise passengers do consume, and with them, merchants manage to move their families forward, at least with the basics.

“The cruise ship that is arriving in Mazatlan does consume, and apart, then, it is very fast, it is hours we have to offer the products to the Americans.”

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He stressed that on a normal day they have a sales record of 30 percent a day, and when tourists arrive on the cruise ships, the profits are doubled, which is very good for families that depend on trade in the beach area or of tourist attractions that the city has.

Ríos Rubio said that these hours are cruise ships in the city give them better results than the winter holiday period.

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“The winter season is not so good, but if people come, it is good, because we have more opportunities to sell our products.”

Source: pmxportal, que pasa en mazatlan

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