Negligent restaurants continue to throw fat into the drain


Coepriss requires food businesses not to saturate drains and cause damage to public health due to negligence

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Some restaurants and businesses in Mazatlan continue to pour food fats into the drainage, said the coordinator of the State Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks in Mazatlan, Miguel Ángel García Gómez, using the market as an example Pine Suarez.

This, he said, puts public health at risk.

“We have had problems with the restaurants of the Pino Suarez market, the fats go to the sewers, and imagine how the drain collapses when the rain comes, and that also brings the harmful fauna, and it is a problem of culture, it is a problem of education, “he said.

However, he said, the problem is not typical of the Pino Suarez Market.

“Already the shedding that they are doing of the fats in the sewers and the gutters there I bought issues from the Municipal Board of Drinking Water, but when they are reluctant, they will have to apply some sanction, some security measure against these people, because the damage is not to an institution or a dependency, it is citizenship, “he said.

The Coepriss coordinator urged that businesses meet the requirements, without putting the pretext on the cost and installation of grease traps.

“The requirements are grease traps, they must exist and they have to be regularly maintained, but many people, unfortunately for saving the installation and maintenance and the cost of fat transfer, what they do is pour the fat to the drainage which causes the drainage to collapse, “said García Gómez.

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