Lake Chapala’s first auction “For Independent Journalism” a success


“For independent journalism,” They raised funds to support journalistic work

The auction was attended by the foreign expat community.

The Cultural Garage in Ajijic was the ideal place for art and journalism to unite, in order to help the latter be independent. The first auction “For Independent Journalism” was held on November 9, filling the space dedicated to culture with works by artists and creators of the region, as well as collectors and buyers.

The event began at four in the afternoon, at which time the attendees could appreciate the work and enjoy margaritas or beers; Forty-five minutes later, the auction began. Attendees had their numbered palettes and were ready to acquire the works of their liking.

Laguna 2019 auction.

The hammer sounded for the first time at the auction after the second piece was on display, a work by the painter Ernesto Barba, entitled “Frida Kalho”, made with charcoal and gold foil on paper.

When leaving the first work, the assistants began to bid; paintings, sculptures, and photographs were acquired and the hammer did not stop sounding. Among the photos that stood out most was “I love you Amy”, a photograph by Arturo Ortega that was one of the most offered by the attendees.

The intention of the auction was to raise funds to improve the quality of journalistic work in the Ribera de Chapala, such as the acquisition of equipment, payroll coverage and printing payments.

The auction managed to gather just over 100 thousand pesos for the sale of works, of this, some artists made donations that were from 30 to 100 percent of the value of the piece, a resource that will be used to support the journalistic project.

It will be during the following week when you have the exact figures of the proceeds, which will be published in the 400th edition of this weekly.

Part of the Laguna Semanario team.

Among the artists participating in the first auction are: Daniel Palma (sculptor), Xill Fessenden (photographer), Isidro “Xilotl” (Painter), Antonio López Vega (painter), Dionicio Morales (painter), Luis Pinedo (graphic), Jesús López Vega (painter), Noel González (sculptor), Chelo (painter), Balo Pulido (painter), D. Arturo Ortega (photographer), María Di Paola (photographer), Nadina De Nada (painter), Sergio Cuevas Corona ( painter), Santiago Baeza (sculptor), Antonio Loza Hetch (sculptor), Luz Preciado (painter), Thomas Mutschlechner (painter) Simón Velázquez (photographer), Cathy Chalvignac (painter), Ernesto Barba (painter), Lázaro Luna (Sculptor) Sarah Alafandi (painter), Jasmine Stengel (photographer) and Farid (photographer).


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