Usd-Peso exchange today Saturday, November 16

Here we present the average price of the dollar, as well as the purchase, sale, and quotation in government institutions and banks in the country

Mexico.- When starting operations on Saturday, November 16, the average price of the dollar is quoted at an average price of 17.0713 pesos.

Meanwhile, it is quoted at 18.7399 for purchase and 17.4028 for sale.

The green currency is traded in these exchange centers at a maximum of 19.40 pesos and is acquired at a minimum of 18.73 pesos.

In government institutions and banks in the country, the dollar is quoted:


Meanwhile, the Euro is sold at a maximum of 21.30 pesos and is bought at a minimum of 22.30 pesos.


The British Pound is acquired in 21.33 pesos and is sold in 26.20; while the Yen is bought at 0.16 and is offered at 0.23 pesos.

Source: banxico

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