Aeromar airline to offer new RT route Guadalajara, Mazatlan – Guaymas – Tucson, Arizona


We have to take advantage of the areas of opportunity to benefit the Sinaloans and their tourists: Óscar Pérez Barros _

In the search for greater air connectivity for Mazatlan with other destinations, the Secretary of Tourism Óscar Pérez Barros works in negotiations with the Aeromar airline to achieve the route Guadalajara, Mazatlan – Guaymas – Tucson, Arizona, which if concreted, would begin to operate in January or February of next year 2020.

Buscan concretar la ruta Guadalajara - Mazatlán - Guaymas - Tucson

In a meeting held at the Ministry of Tourism with the commercial manager of Aeromar, Jesús Briones and the commercial partner Hugo Delgado, Pérez Barros stressed that the deal is on track to get a new flight to the Bajío region, as well as to Tucson, Arizona.

In addition, it would come to facilitate the life of the Sinaloans that several times have made the trip by road, like those who like to go from “shopping” to Tucson. This flight would be wonderful.

Sectur Sinaloa, he said, is making every effort, as we have been commenting, to achieve greater connectivity with those destinations so that Mazatlan and Sinaloa are mostly benefited from it, he added.

Pérez Barros emphasized that the results that have been achieved in terms of connectivity and tourism infrastructure have been thanks to the efforts and vision of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel.

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For his part, Jesús Briones stressed that if this connectivity is established, it would be pleasant for passengers, taking into account that the fact of having to make the trip without having to stop in Mexico City is a great comfort.

For his part, Hugo Delgado said that success is expected in this project, taking into account that it is an initiative with a good response, both in Jalisco, Sonora, Arizona and in Sinaloa.

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