Mexico immigration agent harasses tourist


Tecate, Baja California– Tourists who were in the Miguel Hidalgo Park of this city known as Pueblo Mágico, were intervened by an alleged agent of the National Migration Institute (Inami) and the National Guard, with the pretext of requesting his passport or to verify your legal situation in the country.

The complaint was made publicly by the visitor, who said he had his domicile in the US state of California, but was of Mexican roots and has relatives here in Tecate, who at the moment did not carry his passport, but could verify that he has dual citizenship.

The person and his relatives were having dinner at a restaurant in the park and listening to music, when they were intervened by the agents, arriving a person allegedly from Inami, who was not wearing any uniform, or credential that identified him, so the alleged affected began To record the whole act. This agent after wanting to remove the phone and use an inappropriate language withdrew to return minutes later wearing a badge and demanding documents or threatened to deport him.

For such a case and in a correct way the elements of the National Guard, uniformed and armed, were talking with the tourist, to whom he indicated that he would show them that he was legally in the country.

This situation happened on the night of Sunday, November 10, caused anger among the merchants, visitors, and residents who were in that place, due to the arrogance with which the agents conduct themselves, causing Tecate’s tourism to be driven away.


The Mazatlan Post