Little Angel’s Day fills cemeteries of the municipality of Mazatlan


Angel’s Day fills pantheons of the municipality of Mazatlan

Mazatlan.-  “Lupita, six years after his departure, remains in my heart and present throughout the family,” said Teresa de Jesus Castro while decorating the grave of her daughter, who lost her life in a traffic accident.

“My little angel joined the family,” said the woman, and said that physically she is no longer there, but she is always present in the talks and in her prayers.

If he had lived, he would have turned 12 yesterday, so they brought him a cake, ceviche, and Jamaica water, as she liked.

In front of Marisol’s tomb, her five-year-old girl, María Tirado says she is very present in her memory and in that of the whole family.

Marisol was a special girl, who was born prematurely, with problems in a lung and her heart did not resist much, but they could meet her, hug her and give her all the love, says Maria in tears as she deposits a bouquet of roses and a huge balloon.

Like these families, dozens arrived early at the graveyards on that “angel’s day.”

At noon and in the afternoon the restrooms are saturated, showing an image full of color, music, and prayers.


Visitors who went to the Garden Pantheon found some waterlogged graves.

In the background, on the left side of the enclosure, it was flooded.

You couldn’t cross there, except be with your dead.

Cemetary workers were asked if they had watered and said no

Although days before the Day of the Dead party was made general cleaning, much of the brush was cut.

Fumigators of the Ministry of Health eliminated hatcheries, applied abbe and sprayed, as there were huge clouds of mosquitoes. This bothers families.


Inside and outside the pantheons from an early age, elements of the Municipal Security Secretariat monitored.

Also, traffic agents arrived to speed up vehicular traffic, which afternoon was saturated in front of the Garden and Renaissance pantheon, located along the Luis Donaldo Colosio road.

But this is nothing compared to the influx of both people and vehicles that will be present today in the pantheons and streets, a traffic officer said while stopping traffic so families could cross the street.

At the entrance of the enclosures, the flower vendors offered bouquets for all tastes and pockets.

The aroma of cempasuchil, pom poms, roses and gladiolas was confused among the foods that are also sold around the graveyards.

These two days are good for florists and food vendors.

Source: el debate

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