Mocorito was recognized by the hallmark of The Athens of Sinaloa in the 1900s


The Magic Town was highlighted by socially and economically well-positioned families.

Distinguished for his good taste and for the status of wealthy families (THE DEBATE)

Mocorito, Sinaloa .- Mocorito is recognized by the hallmark of La Atenas de Sinaloa in the 1900s, which was when literature, culture, and art had a renaissance.

José José Norzagaray Parra, director of Tourism of Mocorito, said that in those dates of 1900 there lived important writers, such as Enrique González Martínez, José Sabás de la Mora, Sixto Osuna, among others, who gave a great boom to the issue of culture and who had many relationships throughout the Republic.

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He also commented that the printing of the newspaper Voz del Norte was established in December 1906 in the Magical Town; The magazine Arte was also published in 1907, one of the most important publications in Mexican literature during the Porfiriato and its director was Enrique González Martínez and who was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949.

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“In Mocorito in those years of 1900 these renowned writers did a lot of work, they made many looks of the cultural field at state and national level to look at Mocorito,” he said.

He stressed that at that time in the Magic Town there was much the issue of social classes standing out before another.

He also assured that there were many wealthy people and a lot of economic boom, as well as a lot of development.

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It tells the story that a lot of people were looking with carriages and elegantly dressed, people of money, ”said Norzagaray Parra.

He stressed that in that municipality inhabited cultured, elegant and good family people, and all this along with the knowledge of culture and art, was that Mocorito earned the distinct from La Atenas de Sinaloa.

Pondero that there were people who were fascinated with the issues of culture and with the questions of reading, it was so that interest in these topics flourished.

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Finally he said that it is one of the municipalities with more history of Sinaloa and recognized in many parts of the world. No doubt Mocorito is a destination visited by people who are curious to know its historic buildings.

Source: el debate

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