Mexican Grandmother creates a YouTube channel to teach homemade recipes. It already has 265 thousand subscribers


“From my ranch to your kitchen,” is Mrs. Angela’s humble program. It shows us that the culinary legacy of older adults can also be shared through social networks.

We live criticizing the ‘influencers’, those people who most of the time seem to have a kind of life when it really isn’t, constantly dislike us. There are also the ‘YouTubers’, those girls who show a world of fantasy and quite artificial or unauthentic, be careful for those who love all this, but there are those who opt for something more real.

Without intention to ‘figure’ but rather to cultivate, this is the web program of Ángela, a Mexican grandmother who has decided to create a YouTube channel called “From my ranch to your home”, where she teaches homemade cooking recipes to transmit the Culinary legacy from generation to generation.

And the reception has been much better than expected, has only one month on YouTube and already has 265 thousand subscribers with thousands of visits UPDATE MAY 2020 she now has 2.6 million followers since the article was first written. Doña de Michoacán (Mexico) not only creates typical dishes but also shows the crops she has in the humble ranch she lives, something that is also an example to follow.

Comal, pots, pewter spoons, molcajetes are part of the utensils used, some that our parents and grandparents usually selected to prepare food for us, the memories rain. He relates very simply but clearly every step of the procedure, his sympathy has already stolen a few hearts from the internet and does not stop growing.

Everyone agrees that its differential factor is as it reminds our grandparents and how indigenous it is, one of those things we should see on the web. Here we leave you with Mrs. Angela, who has already become an influencer:

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