Groups of tourists from Durango enjoy their first visit to Mazatlan


Tour packages start at 500 pesos make Mazatlan your favorite destination

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Despite not being a festive date and or holiday season, tourists from the state of Durango take the opportunity to enjoy Mazatlan at a low cost and with the convenience of arriving by equipped buses and staff that guide you to live your first experience in the port of Mazatlan.

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Taking advantage of the quiet weekend, dozens of tourists from the neighboring state of Durango arrive to Mazatlan.

A group of visitors comment that the trips are made in buses of in good conditions and that for a small cost of 500 pesos, to spend a whole day in Mazatlan.

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From early, they are invited to stroll through the main tourist sites of the port, starting with the beach, seafood restaurants by the sea, a short tour of the Historic Center and the market and finally to some very famous souvenir shop.

Imelda Gutierrez and her sister took advantage of the tour to come for the first time and get to know the harbor, comment that they are very happy and hope to return soon especially for the Carnival and Easter Week season.

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