Ban of commercial fishing of Dorado “mahi-mahi” in Mexico may end


The legislator Maximiliano Ruiz, president of the Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture in the Congress of the Union, reported that in Mexico the opportunity to capture dorado commercially is wasted when this happens in other countries of the Americas and with it, the opportunity is also left improve economy of hundreds of families.

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – The desired dream of thousands of coastal fishermen in Mexico could be crystallized in a short time. The 64 Legislature in the Congress of the Union enlists the modification to the General Law of Fisheries and Aquaculture in Article 68 to release the species towards capture for commercial sale, as announced by the president of the Committee on Fisheries, Maximilian Ruiz Arias

The Morena legislator said that this could benefit thousands of families in Mexico, but especially hundreds of families in Sinaloa who live from artisanal fishing.

He explained that it is proven that the species is migratory, as it is immersed in a journey from North America to South America, wasting its capture in waters of the Pacific Ocean, within the Mexican coastlines. He pointed out that through a Law, catches can be defined and regulated both in sizes, times, areas and to organize fisheries cooperatives because it also seeks to take care of the resource so that it is sustainable.

“One last news. It is an issue that we already brought on the table. The Dorado “mahi-mahi” is one of the eight species that is destined for sport fishing, but the dorado run begins in our waters from and ends in Costa Rica and there they take advantage of it in large quantities for commercial fishing. We already have a study of what is the life expectancy of El Dorado; It’s 3 years, so we already have all the foundations built so that dorado becomes an additional fishery for riparian fishing, combined with shrimp and flake and that will be a maximum month’s time, ”he said.

That was announced at the end of his report on legislative activities in the Benito Juárez neighborhood of the port of Mazatlan.

This proposal undoubtedly has entrepreneurs unhappy who are engaged in sport fishing, because they claim that if opened to commercial fishing for dorado, the coastal fishermen will end the product and obviously the tourist business of sportfishing will end.

For their part, the coastal fishermen said they were satisfied with the measure that Congress will endorse shortly since they ensure that their families deserve a better quality of life.

The Dorado is already sold in some local markets, however, they are small sizes, an unprofitable product for sport fishing, however, it is still illegal, according to the regulations.

A report from the newspaper El Debate published in 2015 talks about the value of the Dorado market, which indicates that CONAPESCA has stopped shipments of this coveted fish of up to 6,800 kilos on the coast of Sonora. And it also gives data from Sinaloa.

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Mark that the business for sport fishing is 2 billion dollars a year, so this business would have consequential effects.


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