Concordia Sinaloa hopes to recover its economic bonanza with the opening of a new highway


The new road that will link the town of Copala with the Mazatlan – Durango highway offers hope to this municipality that is looking to have a tourist boom and more opportunities for its inhabitants

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In Concordia, hopes are placed in a work: the new road that will connect the town of Copala with the Mazatlan – Durango highway at kilometer 191, said Felipe Garzón López, mayor of said municipality.

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The mayor explained that the creation of the superhighway affected them and this led to a decrease in the influx of visitors and the number of jobs, reasons that led to insecurity and violence, which in turn resulted in displacement in various communities

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The work was signed in January and still has no opening date due to road conditions that hindered and delayed construction.

However, Garzón López said that the availability of this junction would be a step for economic recovery and the creation of opportunities for the Concordia citizens since it is also necessary that the Private Initiative collaborates with the government entities and with the inhabitants to trigger benefits in general.

“We have potentials, there is a project to make a zip line but the resources to build it are lacking, when we have this interconnectivity everything will come in a chain.”

“We want Concordia to be what it was before … before we did not have the Mazatlan-Durango, everyone passed by, there was life, there was a lot of economic movement and this is a productive chain (…) with the creation of the Mazatlan-Durango that chain is broken and generated migration in Concordia and then generated violence; Right now there is no violence but we still have a little problem due to lack of employment and opportunities, ”said the mayor.

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The munícipe revealed that among the projects that could rescue that community, is the cultivation of coffee in the mountains, the creation of a tourist circuit Copala – Pánuco – El Palmito, among others.

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